Trendnet Router Setup

People and organisations need a wireless router in their home and office. TRENDnet wireless is one of the best office and home routers currently in the market. This router will provide high-speed internet access within your home or office. The installation can be sometimes confusing for people without lacking the networking experience or terminology understanding. This installation guide can help install or reinstall new or second-hand routers.

How to Connect Your Router

STEP 1: Disconnect the router from any electrical outlet.

STEP 2: Connect the 2dbi detachable antenna.

STEP 3: Using an RJ-45 cable connect one of the Trendnet router LAN ports to your computer Ethernet port.

Setup Trendnet router

STEP 4: Connect the wireless router LAN ports to the modem port using another RJ-45 cable. Connect the cable to the back of the router port labelled “WAN” from the jack on the back of the modem.

STEP 5: Connect the AC Power adapter of the Trendnet router to an electrical outlet. Press “ON” the power button on the back of the device.

How to setup a Trendnet Router

The basic configuration is the same for most ADSL routers, although may vary for some model.

STEP 1: Get the default Gateway for Trendnet router here

STEP 2: Open using your browser of choice.

STEP 3: Enter your Default Gateway in the browser search bar as shown below. Press Enter.

Setup Trendnet browser

STEP 4: Apop-up window will appear. Enter your Trendnet router username and passcode. (Default username setting and password should both be “ADMIN”). Press login.

STEP 5: The Setup Wizard appear. Click Next.

Trendnet Wizard

STEP 6: Tick PPPoE option. Click Next as shown in the below.

STEP 7: Tick manual selection. Click Next

STEP 8: Crosscheck the details on the next page and then Click Next.

Trendnet Basic

STEP 9: Here you will need the connection details accessible from your ISP. Enter your username and passcode. Add the connection details in the spaces as shown below and Click Next.

STEP 10: This step involves wifi set-up. To use the wireless feature check Device Enable the checkbox and Click Next. Add your SSID (your suitable wireless name) and Click Next.

Trendnet WPA

STEP 11: Setup your wireless security setting. Add a password to secure your wifi. Select WPA/WPA2+TKIP/AES to set up a password and Click Next.

Setup complete. Click restart. Your Trendnet wireless router installation is complete. (source:

In case you have any other doubts here is a explanatory setup video: