Admin Login and Password for

To login at your router with IP: IP address is the location where you can access your home network router or modem. If you need to log in at your router without using a cable connection, the IP address numbers makes that doable even if attached to it via Wi-Fi.

How To Login At

To do so, you have to input the address http://192.168.l.254 by using your preferred web browser. You can manually type the address or just copy and paste the address to your browser URL bar. The login screen will prompt you to enter your admin user name and password.

The Username or Password is Wrong?

If you happen to have the incorrect login credentials then you would not have access to the admin panel of your router. In that case resetting the router device to its factory defaults would be the right way to gain access. In order to achieve that, you will need to press and hold the reset button with a needle for a while (10-15 seconds). Once the process has completed, in most cases the username and password would be set to those written on a sticker label somewhere on the device itself.


Brand IP-addresses and Default Logins

Select your router brand from the following list to display all IPs, default router usernames and passwords:

I do not have the Admin Password?

You will find a list of default network router passwords on the Internet. It is generally easy to locate the credentials for your device.

The Admin Panel does not load?

It might happen so that the admin panel or the system interface of the router would not appear once you try opening, what that means is that probably the address of the (Wi-Fi) router is different than If you are using Wi-Fi connection to the router, try switching to a cable connection to make sure there are no connectivity related issues.

It is a relatively straightforward process and you are not likely to face any major problems while using the IP address for accessing the ADSL modem or another type of home/office router.