Admin Login and Password for

To login at your router with IP: is the address of an wide variety of TP-Link and Linksys model routers, similar to or . This router gateway is a private or local IPv4 network address, it is usually assigned to a home router to set up the default gateway. In any network, only one device is allowed to use to avoid having conflicts of addressing in the network.

How to login to

  1. In order to manage your router as admin copy into your web browser’s URL address bar
  2. As soon as the login screen of the router panel loads up, then you can enter your username and password. In case you do not have them, you can find them in this default username and password list or reset the user and pass by using the guide here.
  3. You will then have available for setting up the following features: DNS, IP allocation, Routing, Firewall and others.

Problems Accessing

If you fail connecting, first make sure that your router’s IP address is It is commonly mistaken for people to type 192.168.O.l or instead of In order to acknowledge what the IP address of the Router is, please check our router IP address list or our post on how to find your router IP address in various operating systems. If the gateway address is and connection is still not possible, then check if you have turned off any firewall or antivirus software that might be causing that.


Brand IP-addresses and Default Logins

Select your router brand from the following list to display all IPs, default router usernames and passwords:

How to Reset my Admin Password?

Resetting the password is easy - just log in to the router admin panel by typing in router default IP address in your web browser of choice. Upon entering the username and password for the router, router configuration interface should load. Look through the panel and locate the administrative tab in the router administration interface. Click on the link ‘Change password’. Type the new password twice for confirmation.