Admin Login and Password for

To login at your router with IP: IP address

Is the location where you can access some router models and their administration panel. Among those you can find different Belkin and SMC models. As manufactured and sold, most network routers have pre-set default IP address in order for them to be accessed. However, you can setup any router or PC on a local network to change these specifications.

Login to a router with IP Address

Your routing device has been set to use and you want to log in to the router’s admin panel. In order to do that, use the local network connection by pointing a Web browser to Bare in mind not to type the address http://www. which is wrong.

When the connection is established, the user will be presented with a login prompt to enter an administrator username and password in order to gain access. If the router gets disconnected from the network (offline), the browser will respond with an error message: ‘This webpage is not available’. That would also be the case if you or your computer is not connected to the same network or the IP address of the router is not the one you tried accessing.

Some ISPs would provide networking equipment that gives the ability to administrators to type a website address in the browser instead of the numerical IP address.

What cannot be done at

Since is a local IPv4 network address, you cannot access it or connect to it from anywhere outside of your local network or the Internet. If you want to do that, your device should support access through its public or external IP address. If you need to set up two routers on your home network in the same time, these have to be set up with different private IPs. To get to know which IP your network device is using, you can look up the default gateway set on a device currently connected to it. Another way would be checking out our howto on how to check your router’s IP address.


Brand IP-addresses and Default Logins

Select your router brand from the following list to display all IPs, default router usernames and passwords:

Changing the Router IP

You can setup and personalize your router’s features (IP, passwords, options…) within the Admin Panel. The Administrator Panel of a router contains options able to set and change the default local address along with other IP, security and network features.

How to connect to

To access the Admin panel of your modem or network router, you need to request manually at the address bar of the browser of your choice or copy-paste the IP in it. In case you try logging in using the wrong password, you need to reset the device. This can be done by pressing the reset button at the back or the side of your device briefly by holding it pressed. For additional guidance about this last point click here.